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Our Terms

All users who register with TOUCHEU are fully responsible to keep their accounts and private information, such as passwords confidential. Users must not disclose any sensitive information to third-party. TOUCHEU will never request any of these information at all times.

When accessing and using TOUCHEU, you must accept and comply with all provisional arrangements listed under the terms, conditions and privacy policy. You are also responsible to ensure that all persons who access TOUCHEU website using your account and/or internet connection comply with these rules.

TOUCHEU has the right to terminate or modify any and/or all parts of TOUCHEU without prior notice at our absolute discretion including but not limited to the terms and conditions, policy, your account information and your right to access TOUCHEU for various reasons.

Sellers who sell their products on TOUCHEU have signed an agreement to comply with all copyright rules. Content and materials posted and uploaded on the website are owned by TOUCHEU and the sellers. These works are protected by copyright laws and all such rights are reserved.

You must not use any part of TOUCHEU for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so from us. If you copy, print off, download and/or adapt materials on TOUCHEU in breach of these regulations, you must remove and dispose of them at our option. Your right to use TOUCHEU will also cease immediately.

Account Policy

You must provide accurate and true information about yourself. Using false information or impersonating another person’s account is prohibited. You are also responsible for your account and account security. If you are sharing an account, the person whose billing address is on the account is responsible for all activity.

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge and agree that, unless with prior approval of TOUCHEU, by using the site, becoming a member, buying or selling any product on TOUCHEU does not entitle you to copy, edit, publish, sell and reproduce any material on the website including but not limited to designs, logos, graphics, trademarks, contents, images, products and software. Failure to comply may lead to copyright infringement and violation under applicable laws.

All trademarks and brands of sellers selling on TOUCHEU are owned by the creators, makers and makers' assistant/staff involved in making the products. The owners reserve full ownership rights of these trademarks and brands. TOUCHEU does not represent and/or warrant any of these trademarks and brands in the website content, images, messages and product descriptions.


All users must agree to use TOUCHEU and services under their own discretion, responsibility and risk. Under the applicable law, Shenzhen Toucheu E-Commerce Co., Ltd including its board of directors, employees, suppliers, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, vendors and representatives are not liable for, and you agree to protect TOUCHEU from any damages, losses and claims (including but not limited to losses of money, reputation and other intangible profits) that are directly or indirectly caused by:

  • Ability or inability of users to use TOUCHEU services.

  • Price, quality, item description, time accuracy and quality of product delivery.

  • Dispute between users.

  • Defamation.

  • Bugs, viruses, spywares, hacking, system lags and inaccuracies, service disruptions and other types of disruption that access TOUCHEU website.

  • Losses and negligence of users.

  • Misuse of purchased products.

  • Damages to your hardware devices when accessing TOUCHEU.

  • Copyright infringement and violation of intellectual property rights.

  • Losses due to unofficial payment methods to other parties other than TOUCHEU official bank account. Losses due to third parties who impersonate and falsely claim using TOUCHEU name and/or failure to write the correct bank information details and/or account number and/or due to bank’s mistake.

This agreement is arranged and interpreted in accordance to the applicable laws in Mainland China. You agree that any legal action or any potential dispute that may arise, is related to TOUCHEU and/or this agreement will be solved exclusively and under Mainland China jurisdictions.

International Use

TOUCHEU provides information and content that are accessed from inside and outside of Mainland China but does not abide by any laws outside the two regions. Users of TOUCHEU should comply with local applicable laws when accessing TOUCHEU outside of Mainland China. TOUCHEU takes no responsibility for non-compliance actions.

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