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One bag. One jeweler. One artist. A 161 limited edition. Shop the exclusive collection!
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ONESIXONE is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, known as the Golden Ratio, being represented by the number 161 or Phi number. Everything that is beautiful to the human eye is represented by this number.

The Golden Ratio is synonymous of balance, harmony and beauty, which is what ONESIXONE pieces reflect.
Onesixone Art collection is unique and is numbered in a sequence of just 161 units, which makes every single ONESIXONE handbag part of a collection. 

The Art collection is intervened by a prestigious artist who reflects in each bag his vision of harmony and beauty, which makes him a small work of art. It includes a “book of art” with the inspiration of the artist that intervenes the bag and the genesis of the work. 
0 Reviews


Orders are shipped within 3 working days by DHL Express from Spain. Shipping takes around 5 to 8 working days.

Returns are accepted only when the following criteria is met:
- Damaged
- Incomplete parts
- Some items are missing
- Not as ordered: different size, color, model or material

Latest period to request for a return is 7 days from when you receive the item. Please check TOUCHEU's Returns Policy for more details.