Amishi London

British Luxury Bags, Scarves and Jewelry
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Amishi is sheer poetry created with spirit to give balance in design and bring a sense of fulfilment in the life of the woman who wears them.
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British luxury accessory brand, Amishi London has a philosophy steeped in an unwavering commitment to luxury, superior craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Ever since its launch in 2010, the brand whose repertoire spans across handbags, jewelry and scarves, has garnered devoted support from celebrities and customers alike, for its legacy of sophistication and finesse.

The brand was born out of Creative Director and Founder, Amishi Dhanuka’s drive to create pieces she wished existed, thus filling a void. A purveyor of luxury herself, Amishi strives to complement the unique personality of the woman wearing her creations, rather than drawing away from it.

“To me, fashion should allow one to make an authentic expression about their being. Timeless yet relevant, our collections are all about feel-good luxury. The modern woman of today who juggles multiple roles with effortless grace constantly inspires me. My creations are not just an ode to such women of style and substance, but also a means for them to enhance their repertoire.”— Amishi Dhanuka
3 Reviews

** Lin
Jun 26, 2018
Classic clutch, very beautiful embroidery and really comfortable to carry for the evening!
Jun 28, 2018
高贵大气 很养眼的一款手包 匠心艺术品
Jun 13, 2018
第一次尝试这种风格的手镯,开始有点担心自己hold不住,但上手之后真的太大气了!特别是夏天露出手肘的时候很衬肤白,询问度也很高。 实物不会很夸张,我一般穿衣服比较素,配一个略张扬的手镯刚好中和下整体风格。


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