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We are proud to present stiletto heels that are temperature consistent ideal for the day and evening also with an all-season water resistant exterior.
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THE Glow BRAND, in its original form, started out as a fundraising initiative in memory of Jennifer Haines in January 2011. The then project was focused on the ultra-marathon run Jenny became known for by friends and peers alike in which she took part and completed successfully over 10 times. This feat earned her the right of life membership to the élite Green Number club and was symbolised by her being awarded the gold and green bib “4002” by the Comrades Marathon Association.

My goal, for this project, was to raise 100 Euros per kilometer of the 89 kilometer long race. A full 8,900 Euros was successfully achieved after crossing the finish line in 11 hours and 16 minutes, a full 44 minutes before the final cut-off time. A complete amateur in the world of running, a full-on year of hard and sometimes soulful training lay behind this successful effort.

This experience showed me that humility, pride and a real sense of achievement comes from having real purpose and the realization that you had the stamina and determination to see your goal through.


It is for these reasons that THE Glow BRAND has chosen the classic stiletto pump with its power platform as both our launch product and flagship model as it best illustrates our mission statement. It celebrates feminine strength, beauty and uniqueness.

It is the ideal elegant footwear of choice for every young woman who is looking for a reflection of their own stunning personality whilst having the highest durable reliability in the most trying of circumstances.

Due to its vibrant selection of high fashion colors and utilizing smart production technologies, THE Glow BRAND launches this stunning new take on a traditional design bringing both fashion and a selected group of good causes to the forefront with every step forward.


THE Glow BRAND is proud and visually approves this active show of social responsibility. Produced in Italy, THE Glow BRAND is currently offered in a limited series selection of five stimulating high-fashion colors of this seasons runways: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green or Yellow.

Supporting selected charities, each color-coordinated purchase guarantees a donation to a participating charity. The value-addition for our customer is that they also gain a clear visual statement of their own ethics and morals by literally standing out from the crowd.

THE Glow BRAND products are about beauty in individuality, strength and purpose.

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Orders are shipped within 3 working days by DHL Express from the Netherlands. Shipping takes around 5 to 8 working days.

Returns are accepted only when the following criteria is met:
- Damaged
- Incomplete parts
- Some items are missing
- Not as ordered: different size, color, model or material

Latest period to request for a return is 7 days from when you receive the item. Please check TOUCHEU's Returns Policy for more details.