Handbags Made in Italy
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LAURAFED's new and exclusive collections - distinctive details and versatility are this season's must have!
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Who We Are
LAURAFED is a lifestyle brand created by Laura Federici and Luca Sciamanna. The brand was born out of the passion to create unique objects mixing poor and precious materials in a perfect balance of form and function between fashion and interior design. An innovative and ambitious project driven by the care for details and the quality of Made in Italy, where the use of natural and sustainable materials does not compromise the elegance and glamour of the final product. The putting together of elements of different nature takes shape in collections designed to enhance the transversal nature of matter in its various forms: a conflict of souls which results in harmony of image and style. These are the distinguishing features of LAURAFED.

What We Do
The bags collection by LAURAFED is the pure expression of the designer's eclectic soul. Wood, velvet, satin, eco-leather and metals find new life in the collection's pieces with their original and distinctive character, which is hard to forget. Exclusive materials crafted through natural processes with innate and unrestrained creativity by the skilled and expert hands of master craftsmen: this finds its best expression in a bag by LAURAFED. A fusion of fashion, style and design for those who are looking for something special and unique.
5 Reviews

Jun 3, 2018
May 4, 2018
** M
Mar 9, 2018
给老婆买的,做工很精致。老婆说这款很百搭,链条可自由拆卸,可以单肩背,也可以手拿,好搭配,各种场合通杀。哈哈哈... 材料是天然原木,手感很不错。搭配金色亮片刺绣于铜色棉料上,夹层是丝缎内衬,很个性独特的设计,简直不要太抢眼。里面可以放下…
Mar 30, 2018
Apr 4, 2018
可潮可怀旧的木质流苏小包,漆木表面的天鹅绒,质感超好。加上宝石和其他元素的点缀,看起来不再单调。搭配一字肩丝绸质感黑色礼服裙,你绝对是最耀眼的....... 好了不强烈推荐了,反正收到一点没失望,这网站上LAURAFED的包包都很不错的,…


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