Hania New York

Ethically Knit by Hand in NYC
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Please note that all pieces are made-to-order with maximum processing time of 14 working days before shipping.
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ONE WOMAN, TWO NEEDLES, HAND KNIT IN NEW YORK CITY. This is the heart of Hania New York.  

When Anya Cole was nine years old her mother taught her “if you need it, you make it”, and so at this young age Anya learned the craft of knitting. She used these skills while a professional ballet dancer in Poland, when she would knit the layers she was always swaddled in. Then as a single mother living in West Germany, she was knitting to financially support herself and her young daughter. Years later living in NYC, Anya knit for herself because she couldn’t find the pieces that fit her understated, highly personal, ascetic. This is how Hania New York was born.

Our knitwear is made with care, by hand, and with a respect for the traditional craft and beauty of hand knitting. We believe in the true luxury and one-of-a-kind nature of our pieces, and so each knitter leaves a unique signature sewn on to an inside seam of whatever she knits. We are committed to producing our collection in an ethical and sustainable way, we believe in style not trends, and that each piece should last a lifetime. 

0 Reviews


Orders are processed within 14 working days and shipped from NYC by DHL Express. Shipping takes around 5 to 8 working days.

Due to the bespoke nature of each item, no returns are accepted.